Dave Chappelle has been in a crossfire with Netflix trans employee Terra Field. Chapelle got into trouble for his joke about transgender people in The Closer special. The employee has now resigned.

Although the joke didn’t land well, he was defended by Netflix CEO himself as well as many other influential names in the game. Terra Field, the transgender Netflix employee was suspended for crashing an internal meeting along with others.

She made her resignation letter public on Sunday. Terra Field tweeted, I resigned from Netflix yesterday, you can read my resignation letter below. I’m not happy that this is how things turned out, but I do think this outcome is the best for all parties involved. She has attached a pdf of her resignation letter to the tweet.

According to TMZ, Terra Field was previously suspended for joining a meeting with Directors without notifying higher-ups first. Her presence in the meeting sparked an investigation, with the suspension being the result of the investigation.

Field, ex-Senior software engineer at Netflix was reinstated after suspension. Following which she also inspired an employee walk-out. Chapelle’s high school fundraiser was also threatened with a student walk-out amid controversy. He was uninvited from the fundraiser due to pressure from students.

Despite attempts to “Cancel” him, Chapelle is thriving. Dave Chappelle and poet Amir Sulaiman received a Grammy nomination for the Netflix special 8:46, in the best spoken word album category. Chappelle has won all 3 of the Grammy nominations since 2018.

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Shifa Jahan

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