The West Coast gangsta rap group N.W.A received a very glorious treatment on the famous biopic Straight Outta Compton. The F. Gary Gray helmed biopic which came out in 2015 had the arduous task of telling the story of N.W.A’s massive career as well as the members’ lives.

Straight Outta Compton kept a lot of details excluded, for which it gets a lot of criticism. J.J Fad was not even given a mention, let alone given the credit for his huge involvement in the success of Ruthless Records.

The movie also very conveniently took off the assault from Dr. Dre to Pump It Up! host Dee Barnes. BG Knocc Out, who was a former Ruthless Records rapper revealed that there were other instances that the film kept off the book.

BG Knocc Out told VladTV that Heller even tried to sue Eazy E. However, Heller had denied this even until his death in 2016. The rapper said that it involved ‘Doggpound Killer,’ was involved in this instance.

Eazy, the day he came into the studio and we was recording the song ‘Doggpound Killer,’ he was supposed to do a verse on there. He had eight bars to put on that song. Sometime throughout the course of time he was in the studio, his lungs collapsed and then I go sit in the hallway with him while he’s wheezing, and he had a big manila envelope. The guy Donovan who owned Audio Achievements, he came and sat on the other side of Eazy. Eazy was showing him papers … but he was telling him, ‘Look at what Jerry’s been doing and now he’s trying to sue me because I fired him’ …  I was sitting right there.

Jerry Heller went after the Straight Outta Compton filmmakers in a $110 million lawsuit in December 2015. Many were named in the lawsuit, such as F. Gary Gray, the Oscar-nominated screenwriters, Legendary Pictures, Ice Cube and the estate of Eazy-E.

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