Nick Cannon has volunteered to father Saweetie’s babies but guess she didn’t buy it. All he did was tweet back with some emojis anyways. Apparently Saweetie needs some better “communication

Afetr her icy SNL performance Saweetie went on the Power 105.1‘s Powerhouse for a performance. Backstage, Saweetie was asked when her album would arrive and her answer was quite shocking.

First up Saweetie hit us with the confession “I want a babySaweetie‘s baby fever has gotten in the way of her releasing the album. At this point, Saweetie’s fans have given up on the rapper releasing her debut studio album. Saweetie is making attempts to keep our hopes high though.

Saweetie thinks its the right time to have a baby but there’s just one problem: She doesn’t have a man. “I don’t have a man. I’m just ready. I’m getting older and I want a baby. I know I’m young, I’m very young. But let’s be real, I wanna pop that sh*t out and snap back.”

But before she pops that sh*t out and snaps back there’s another task at hand: “We gotta find the right man who knows how to f***in’ communicate.” Getting back to the album, Saweetie said “it’s almost done” and it is taking more time because “we’re trying to curate something really special.”

We can wait for forever as long as the album is worth it and from the looks of the SNL performance, we’re sure it would be. She can always call Nick Cannon, because he seemed more than game to add to his collection of kids.

Shifa Jahan

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