Matthew McConaughey might become the next celebrity to enter the world of politics after all. According to a new poll, if the election were held today, McConaughey would be elected governor of the Lone Star State.

The poll was conducted by the Dallas Morning News. The poll says that if the actor were to run against Governor Greg Abbot in a two-way race, he’d beat the incumbent 43-35%. He also beats Beto O’Rourke 49% to 27%.

In a three-way race that included Abbot, O’Rourke, and McConaughey, the vote is split between Beto and Matthew. In that scenario, Abbot would retain his governorship with 37% of the support. McConaughey is second with 27% and Beto places third with 26%.

McConaughey hasn’t committed to a run for governor just yet. He hasn’t revealed a party affiliation. He also doesn’t have a platform.

In a world where Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, anything can happen. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger both became Republican governors of California despite their Hollywood roots. If he wants to, McConaughey has a legitimate shot.

Of course, the polling comes with several caveats. If Matthew were to come out with an unpopular platform or perform poorly in debates, for instance, those numbers could drop to next to nothing. They could also goes up if he delivered a message that spoke to the voters of Texas. Time will tell if he will throw his hat into the ring.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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