Kyle Richards is living her best life celebrating 25 years of marriage with Mauricio Umansky. Kyle Richards is the anchor to RHOBH, she has been a part of the show since a decade. Is RHOBH still in the picture of her best life?

In October 2021, Kyle told The Cut that multiple doors have been opened for her in the entertainment field since RHOBH. At the time, Kyle said she feels guilty to turn her back on RHOBH as she has a strong loyalty for it. She has since changed her opinion.

In her latest interview with Entertainment Tonight Kyle said that she knows when it will be time to give up her RHOBH diamond. Though she’s not quite there yet.

Kyle said that contrary to popular opinion, she loves the people she works with. “some of us obviously are closer than others, but we have an incredible cast,” she added. “I love our team, our cast, our crew.”

But everything has an expiration date and the “Housewives” is no exception. “I’ve been here a long time… eventually I’m gonna have to walk away,” Kyle told Pedestrian.

For sure there is a lot of drama to handle, “I think when the bad outweighs the good, I will know it’s time to give up my diamond,” she revealed. Kyle believes the bad outweighs the good as long as she’s having fun. “I also think that when you’re not having fun anymore” she added.

You can catch Kyle Richards on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip now streaming on Peacock.

Shifa Jahan

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