Ben Askren attempted to make the leap from UFC to the world of boxing when he took on benign societal tumor Jake Paul in a bout back in April. Paul TKOd Askren in the first round. It was the most embarrassing defeat of Askren’s fighting career.

Askren recently spoke with Lex Clips. He said he’s not a very good boxer. He gave Paul props for being the better man. Essentially Sports reported on the comments.

“I am not probably very good. I think he [Jake Paul] is pretty good actually and I am not very good. Now at a low point for me, because when I started training for that I was like 215 pounds, which is the heaviest I have ever been. I came off my hip surgery. Like when I said yes, I will do it like I had literally started working out the week before.”

Askren earned $500,000 just to show up for the fight with Jake Paul. The beating seems to have been worth it. Ben was humble about his limited experience and skill in the realm of boxing.

Ben Askren is currently a free agent in the world of MMA. It’s unknown if he plans to make a comeback to the sport that made him a star. If he does, it will likely be with a smaller promotion who throws money at him for the name value.

As we know, Ben isn’t against turning down money for a gimmick appearance. That’s what his fight with Jake Paul ultimately was. Given that, we could potentially see him back in the cage at some point in the future.

Do you think Ben Askren will ever fight again? Share your opinion in the comments!

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