Mandy Teefey, mother of Selena Gomez, shared her devastating story where she survived a near-fatal case of double pneumonia. She states her recovery to be miraculous because of such veteran doctors. “I was told I had days to live,” Teefey, 45, announced via Instagram over the weekend, sharing photos of herself in the hospital while she was fighting for her life.

The 45-year-old mom revealed that she recently received criticism and some unsolicited advice over her appearance on the December 2021 cover of Entrepreneur magazine, which showed her with her 29-year-old daughter and businesswoman Daniella Pierson. She kept quiet back then and has lashed back to those who body-shamed her, showing the absolute fighter she is. Mandy said it is a “miracle” she survived and slammed trolls for commenting on her recent “weight gain,” which she said was due to the “infection.”

While Mandy said she never planned on opening up about this scary period of her life, she felt the need to do just that after her new photoshoot with her daughter came out. Mandy said she gained ’60 pounds’ from the ‘infection’ that cumulated in her overweight. When the photo was posted, Mandy saw it coming: people commenting on her weight because that’s what people do.

Selena and Mandy, along with Newsette founder Daniella Pierson, created a new mental fitness campaign called Wondermind, and news of the launch was revealed as part of a big cover story for Entrepreneur. All three of the women posed for photos for the December issue. After witnessing enough rude trolls, she decided to shut them all down by sharing her near-death experience. 

Despite the illness, she never gave up on herself or Wondermind coming to reality, referencing the new mental health media company she co-founded with her 29-year-old daughter and Daniella. “I had miracle Drs and love from my family and friends to keep me going,” she added. “I fought. The Drs fought and I was one of the few who made it out.” The 45-year-old mom of two began her Instagram caption saying, “I wasn’t ever going to discuss this, but I knew when the Entrepreneur cover came out comments on my weight were going to be DM’d to me. But, I was out of the hospital for maybe 3 1/2 weeks from double pneumonia.”

Gomez, 29, has yet to publicly comment on her mother’s near-fatal illness.

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