Henry Ruggs is in even more trouble. After he failed to complete a court-ordered breathalyzer test, Ruggs was admonished by the judge. The former Las Vegas Raider will now be monitored for alcohol use twenty four hours a day.

The ruling will force Ruggs to wear an ankle device to measure his blood alcohol content through his skin. Previously, the court trusted him to test via a handheld breathalyzer device. TMZ reported on the proceedings.

At his most recent hearing on November 3, Henry Ruggs showed up to court in a wheelchair. He was wearing a neck brace and appeared to be suffering from injuries relating to the accident. His face had a large contusion.

During this morning’s court appearance, he appeared in much fitter condition. He did not limp or show any signs of long-term injuries from the DUI crash that killed 23-year-old Tina Tintor. There was a chance the judge could have sent Ruggs back to jail for missing the alcohol check-in.

For now, the judge will count on the ankle device to keep an eye on Ruggs. He will not have to report to jail at the moment. Any violations of the ban on alcohol will likely result in him going straight back.

Ruggs did not comment to the media as he left court. He will be due back in December for the next hearing in his case. Henry Ruggs was charged with four felonies stemming from the fatal wreck. He faces as many as 50 years behind bars.

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Michael Perry

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