Tiger Woods is back in action, swinging a golf club again. The legendary golfer just posted a video of the incredible feat, and he looks fit.

The 45-year-old veteran was badly injured his right leg in a car crash back in February. He posted his video footage on Sunday morning revealing he’s been fit to swing his irons again.

Tiger Woods posts video showing himself hitting golf balls, including caption ‘Making progress’. In the clip, Tiger can be seen hitting a ball at far less than 100 percent of his normal, pre-crash swing but the strike is still clean and the ball still traveled far nonetheless.

It should be noted, Tiger’s divot pattern on the ground suggests he took a BUNCH of swings during the session, and it seems he was planning to take even more given the number of range balls left in his basket.

It’s all an amazing sight for Tiger and golf fans, particularly considering how Woods looked while walking into a hotel in Los Angeles just days ago.

Tiger was spotted sporting a noticeable limp … and many wondered how it’d possible for him to swing a club again given how gingerly he was moving.

No word on if Tiger’s been cleared to swing the driver or even play on actual courses yet … but watch the video again — it’s clear that’s all coming soon if it hasn’t already.

Gunjan Nath

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