After missing eight games with an adnominal injury, LeBron James was back this weekend. Just like that, the Lakers could lose him once again for a long period. LeBron James elbowed a guy in the face during his game in Detroit and while the player was heavily injured he started to come after the King in a fury.

On Sunday, LeBron was ejected during the Lakers’ game against the Pistons for a brutal flagrant 2 foul on Detroit forward Isaiah Stewart. LeBron hit Stewart in the face while boxing out during a free-throw attempt, and that contact quickly escalated the situation to a near brawl at Little Caesars Arena.

The elbow hit sent Stewart tumbling, but he was back up to his feet and came face-to-face with LeBron. He started to engage with LeBron right there on the court. Teammates rushed in to separate the two, Stewart’s face started to bleed heavily. Stewart needed to be held back as he confronted LeBron, and he wouldn’t back down even as the two players were separated. at he wasn’t over the hit and was ready to get into a fight.

LeBron practically punched him. The confusion over Stewart’s reaction was shown on the broadcast, replay of the foul. LeBron seemingly made an intentional strike to Stewart’s face. It would have been one thing if Stewart was heated over unintentional contact, but that wasn’t the case there.

By the end, Stewart was dragged down into the locker room by his teammates and coaching staff but even then, he broke away from them and started bolting it. He was looking to come around the other side to get his hands on LeBron. Luckily, nothing crazy ended up happening beyond this, but for a moment there, it made a scary scene and had strong Malice vibes, something no one wants to recreate.

The view from the crowd was insane, it was as insane as you could see Stewart tearing past people on the court to get to LeBron. There were even announcers who were asking people to stay in their seats. This shows how serious the situation was. In the end, Stewart got tossed as did LeBron, who got rung up for a flagrant 2 foul.

Shivangini Rawat

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