In October, Kayla Harrison won the 2021 PFLwomen’s lightweight playoffs by submitting Taylor Guardado in the finals. While preparing for the PFL playoffs, Harrison made an appearance for All Elite Wrestling. She was seen alongside Dan Lambert and fellow members of the American Top Team.

Kayla Harrison now has a name for herself. According to her manager, Ali Abdelaziz, there are several promotions interested in her including WWE. Harrison won the 2010 World Judo Championships, gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics before getting into MMA.

Harrison won the 2021 PFL women’s lightweight playoffs. During an interview with TMZ Sports, Abdelaziz said WWE was interested in bringing her in, but was not offering it directly as she was focused on her MMA career. Kayla, a 2x Olympic gold medalist, wouldn’t be the first MMA star to turn to pro wrestling. Her former Judo teammate, Ronda Rousey, was the WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

Abdelaziz commented that “Everybody’s trying to sign Kayla, even Walmart tries to sign Kayla. The WWE has been calling too but we’re interested in real fighting.” When asked whether WWE has been trying to bring her in, he responded with “yes.” Regarding if she’s entertaining the offer, he said no “because she’s focused on fighting right now.”

Harrison has stated in the past that her AEW appearance was a one-time thing and she’s not interested in going back. Ali also told TMZ Sports that Harrison won’t be following in Rowdy Rousey’s footsteps, at least not now. Her manager continued “I think she’s happy with PFL, but listen. I got great relationships with UFC, Bellator, but I have to show a little loyalty to PFL.”

TMZ Sports also talked to Kayla, and asked her straight-up that what’s the one fight you want more than anything else? to that, she replied “I think right now the fight is Cyborg. I think Amanda Nunes is the greatest of all time for a reason. To get to that point, I have to continue to climb, and I think Cyborg is a step on that ladder.” “Cyborg’s also one of the greatest of all time. She’s no slouch. And, for me, it’d be an honor for me to share the cage with her,” she further added.

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