Three arrests were made as looters rushed into the Walnut Creek Nordstrom, stealing merchandise. Reportedly 25 cars blocked the street while this havoc was going on. One firearm was also recovered from one of the looters.

The incident was first reported at 8:46 p.m. while the store was still open. According to reports, a Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, CA, was looted after almost  “50 to 80 people” ran down on the store. Police say the incident went down this past Saturday night and there was complete madness.

One PF Chang’s Manager who was nearby spoke on the incident, saying, “We probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks crowbars a bunch of weapons. They were looting the Nordstrom’s right here. And I thought they were going to start beating cars. I had to start locking doors, lock the front door lock the back door.”

Video footage shows a large number of police presence in Walnut Creek Saturday night. A manager at a restaurant nearby said that his customers were utterly shocked to see looters grabbing merchandise, loading their cars and driving off just like that. One BMW convertible which was supposedly connected to the mayhem was tackled by the police.

Out of the 80 people involved in the incident, three people were reportedly arrested, and a gun was recovered from one of the suspects. What’s your take on this madness? Sound off in the comments!

Gunjan Nath

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