Taylor Swift hopped on one of the viral TikTok trends of her own song. After “Wildest Dreams” and “Love Story” brought forth millions of videos from fans the next trend is apparently for 21 and older fans only.

Taylor Swift created a viral trend on Thursday, in which she is making fun of her drunk self. The video clip is set to her song “Nothing New” from the re-recorded Red (Taylor’s Version)” album.

The trend is to make videos to “meme” how goofy you look. As the lyrics go: “I have had, I have had… too much to drink tonight“. The song is slowed down as it approaches the “drink tonight” part.

The video of the singer lip-syncing to the song cuts to a photo of her looking quite “goofy”, wearing a sparkly purple-pink dress with bright red lips and disheveled hair. “Drunk Taylor was her name. Mojitos were her game,” appears aptly written over the photos of Swift.

The phrase “Drunk Taylor was her name. Mojitos were her game,” appears written over the photos of singer. The caption reads “I cringe but I miss her”. She tagged her bff Phoebe Bridgers to do the trend next.

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Shifa Jahan

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