Britney Spears is obviously the one who is calling the shots here. Sam Asghari however does have some insight on when exactly the couple will tie the knot.

Britney announced her engagement in the midst of the highly publicized legal battle over her conservatorship. Now that the conservatorship has ended, Britney and Sam will surely speed forward with their wedding planning.

On November 18 the hunk was spotted at the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of House of Gucci. Sam told Entertainment Tonight that the couple’s long awaited wedding will be happening “sooner or later”. He also talked about the planning and how grand its going to be.

Sam briefly described his vision for the upcoming nuptials. “I want the biggest wedding in the world,” he said while laughing. Looks like Britney is in charge of the wedding department. Sam reiterated, “I don’t wear the pants”.

And grand it will be, Britney previously mentioned that her wedding dress is being designed by the legend Donatella Versace. As reported earlier the pair has started to prepare a prenup before they exchange vows.

Speaking of the Pop Icon Sam mentioned  “She’s doing great, I’m great, this is the happiest time of our lives,”. He also revealed that the couple are planning another romantic getaway. “From here on out, its amazing. It’s heaven, Sam said.

Shifa Jahan

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