Ice-T took to twitter to share his thoughts on the tragic killing of beloved Memphis rapper Young Dolph. Wednesday November 17, 2021, around 1pm is when Doph breathed his last. Ice-T asserted that being a rapper is the most dangerous profession in America.

The West Coast emcee tweeted “ICE COLD Fact: When I was coming up.. Being a Drug Dealer was the most dangerous occupation… Now it seems like being a Rapper is… smh No cap,”. The tweet was made just hours after Young Dolph was shot and killed in his hometown. 

To emphasize his point further Ice shared a video of Boosie BadAzz. Both rappers share the view of hip-hop artists being in danger because of their profession. Boosie noted that the majority of killings take place in the rappers’ own hometowns. He also explained why it is so.

 “It’s a fact. And uh, you know, you have haters who was in school with you and they mad cause they was in that third grade with you, but they don’t have that same hustle as you. You know they hate you for no reason. They hate you for your success.”

No Lies Detected… An Unfortunate Fact. RIP Dolph. Ice T added

Boosie BadAzz and Ice-T believe that the ruthless killings stem from jealousy. In the video clip Boosie explains how unsuccessful people become haters due to their envious disposition. He observed that even a school mate could kill you when you’re rich and famous as they are envious of the “hustle”.

So far no arrests have been made but a lot of new information has surfaced in the ongoing investigation. If you’ve been on our site you’re probably aware that a couple of photos showing Young Dolph‘s alleged shooters are being circulated online. Now their vehicle has also been identified.

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