The Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes seems to be back in groove after last week’s win over the Raiders. Pat completed 35 of 50 passes for 406 yards, with five touchdowns, and no interceptions in a 41-14 win. Everybody seems convinced that Mahomes was “back” after a dormant first half this season.

Kansas City Chiefs slacked off big time in their offense this season. Coach Eric Bieniemy stated yesterday that his expectations for Mahomes were always up despite his off form. This was only the second time in 2021 that Pat has recorded multiple touchdowns without absolutely zero interceptions.

Eric Bieniemy boasts his man saying that it was nothing extraordinary to see Mahomes back in his routine. In his press conference in Las Vegas, Bieniemy said the following:

“Each and every week, I go into every game feeling confident on how Patrick is doing and how he’s feeling. So, it wasn’t anything different that led me to believe that he would have the game that he had,”

According to the Raiders’ coaches, the Raiders’ failures were more about execution and communication than scheme. But it definitely didn’t seem like Raiders gave the Chiefs a free pass. Bieniemy added:

“Not trying to sound arrogant, we expect those types of performances from him a lot. But as you know, sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. So, it was fortunate enough that he had a great game.”

It was ecstatic to watch the players and their brilliant personalities on full display. Mahomes now dominates the league with 412 passes and 271 completions this year. He has completed 66 percent of his passes for 2,940 yards with 25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

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