Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks said that the team’s priority after being eliminated from the playoffs last year is to get their core signed to new contracts. That core consists of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Given Irving’s status with the club and a potentially unhappy Durant, rumors have been running rampant.

Sam Amic of The Athletic reports that Brooklyn may be willing to move on of the “Big 3” in a trade. The destination could possibly be Philadelphia, for 76ers three-time all-star Ben Simmons. Simmons is also unhappy with his current team.

“In a word, no. It does not appear any deal will happen soon. As it stands, Simmons isn’t going anywhere until Morey is able to swap him for a truly elite player. And yes, in case you wondered, the Sixers have an actual list of such names internally.

…As you may have heard by now, Portland’s Damian Lillard is not only on said list but somewhere near the top. Ditto for Brooklyn’s James Harden, the former Rocket with whom Morey tried unsuccessfully to reunite with in January and who, by the way, could come to Philly via sign-and-trade this summer if he decides to shock the basketball world and leave Kevin Durant behind. Also high on the list: Washington’s Bradley Beal. Those kinds of guys.”

Philly has had Simmons on the trading block for a while, but so far the right deal hasn’t come along. It sounds like James Harden might at least whet their appetites. Time will tell if there’s a deal to be made.

A change of scenery might do everybody involved some good. Kyrie has been a monumental distraction, as has Simmons. That bleeds over into unhappy teammates. A fresh start might be the ticket if these teams want to get these disgruntled players off the books.

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Michael Perry

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