Henry Ruggs III was informed by a Las Vegas judge that his attorneys need to obtain their own subpoena for fire records relating to Ruggs’ fatal DUI crash. Justice of the Peace Suzan Baucum told Ruggs’ attorneys that she didn’t agree with the effort to obtain the records and that a court order wasn’t needed if they wanted to get the records of their own accord, according to Fox 11 Reno and the Associated Press.

The defense lawyers said that a witness told them firefighters were slow to put out the flames the vehicle Ruggs struck. Tina Tintor was killed in the flaming vehicle. The alleged witness has not been identified.

A spokesperson for Clark County denied that there were any delays in the emergency response. They said the firefighters arrived promptly and attacked the fire by the book. Ruggs’ attorneys disagree, and want to examine that night’s fire department records to make sure.

Police said witnesses told them that they wanted to render aid to Tintor, but the smoke and flames were too much. Ruggs legal team is arguing that the slow response prevented any possible rescue. Not driving 156 miles per hour while intoxicated would have completely prevented the need for rescue.

Henry Ruggs was a promising wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders. He was the team’s #1 pick in the 2020 draft. He was cut from the team immediately in the aftermath of the crash and will likely never play professional football again.

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Michael Perry

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