Jen Shah made Bravo history by escaping arrest on the previous episode of RHOSLC. Fans and co-stars caught Shah allegedly lying about her husband’s health as an excuse to escape arrest. Jen Shah now claims that her co-star Meredith Marks is lying about her theft story.

While some of Shah’s co-stars were shocked when federal agents and the NYPD crashed their vacation bus, one was not. Meredith Marks, who was already at the Vail vacation home admitted she was “not surprised” to hear about Shah’s shady habits. Apparently she claims that Shah was associated with robbery.

Marks alleged that Shah was once involved in a theft incident at the accessories boutique she owns in Park City, Utah. Shah and her team got into Mark’s store in the after hours. Although they paid for most of the items, a snake skin bag went missing. She recounted the story to her co-stars.

“[My manager told me], ‘There is a green clutch that I know was here. Her friends were holding it and it is gone. So, I said to my manager, ‘Send her a text and just gently say, ‘Did you borrow it?’ And within 30 seconds, my manager’s phone is ringing.”

Marks reiterated that it was not Shah who stole the purse, but one of her associates. But she’s still concerned over the fact that Jen Shah was associated with an employee who would do such a thing. She kept someone who she knew did take something out of my store in her employment. That’s not my friend. Marks said.

That is a lot to take. The security footage was also shown on the episode. Jen Shah’s run from arrest and this story surely raise some questions. We are now waiting for Jen Shah’s explanation. We can’t wait to see how this story unfolds on the next episode of RHOSLC. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more Real Housewives drama.

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