For fans of the show, it’s already known that BMF is centered around a Black Mafia Family – specifically two Detroit brothers who were at best small-time crooks when they started out. In time, they eventually became a top crime family in US History.

Now you say Detroit, and many thoughts automatically go to one Marshall Mathers. So it was a no-brainer for 50 Cent, who is a producer on the show and directs the episode in question, to go with the legendary rapper.

Only it wasn’t as easy as all that, 50 Cent suggests. Especially when it came to making the star look younger for the role. Eminem plays Richard Wershe Jr., who was also known as White Boy Rick. In the 1980s, he became the youngest informant for the FBI in history.

“The technology that they used to de-age him was the same thing they used in The Irishman. Em actually has a beard, so they first took the hair out of his face using the technology and then they de-aged him all the way down.”

When Eminem found out I was directing, he committed to do it, and working together was natural. It was an honor to have him on the show and it made this episode extra special.”

Eminem played a version of himself in 8 Mile and although some highly criticized his portrayal in that film, he definitely showed some acting chops. Both he and 50 seem rather excited about this appearance, as are the fans of the show. You can catch BMF on Starz.

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