Fans have widely speculated that the song “All Too Well” is about Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship with Taylor Swift and the subsequent break up. Taylor not only released a 10-minute version of the song but she also dropped a short film on it.

After the new 10-minute version of All Too Well confirmed fan theories. The short film made it even more valid and obvious. The film was written and directed by Swift herself. It stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’brien. The actors have the same age difference as Taylor and Jake when they were dating. With age being Jake’s primary reason for breaking Taylor’s heart.

Dylan O’brien was asked about playing Gyllenhaal but he acted like he had no idea what that was about. Dylan O’brien has been crazily excited for the short film. Dylan changed his name on twitter as “Dylan O’brien (Taylor’s Version)”.

In the short film Dylan was seen wearing clothes that resembled Gyllenhaal’s 2010-2012 style with plaid shirts, grown out facial hair and fall colors. The film is also shot during fall, the season during which Gyllenhaal and Swift’s 3-4 month relationship took place. And of course, we see Sadie Sink wearing Taylor’s famed scarf. Legend has it that the Scarf is still at either Maggie or Jake Gyllenhaal’s house. The lyrics and Dylan O’brien’s acting also closely resemble Gyllenhaal‘s playful and comedic disposition.

Fans have even dragged Jake Gyllenhaal’s hygiene habits in to the jokes after he admitted to Us Magazine earlier this year that he doesn’t shower often. On the premiere on the short film Dylan also apologized to Taylor Swift for playing the character too well.

Shifa Jahan

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