50 cent is all out to take over the television industry. The rapper previously revealed that he wants the buy the TV network STARZ. 50 cent is the executive producer of the hit BMF series so this doesn’t come as a surprise. Earlier this week he announced that he’s got a project on the way that he considers to be the new Narcos.

The show will follow the life of Flores Twins, who infamously ratted out notorious cartel leader, “El Chapo” in exchange of lighter prison sentences. When Fif’s fans came to know that his next project is about “rats” they tried to diss him for it.

And if there’s one thing we know about 50 cent it’s that he is an OG at diss tracks. The Rapper always claps back, without fail. This time around it wasn’t on the mic though. The rapper took to his Instagram to list off several other movies with similar storylines that people loved.

The Movies included American Gangster starring Denzel Washington. “Remember this movie, it was fire, right? It was a great story, Denzel was playing Frank Lucas who was a [rat],” he captioned.

Next on Fif’s list is New Jack City, which he also deemed as “fire.” “Now come on. Yeah, but Wesley [Snipes] was playing a [rat]. It wasn’t me it was the educated brother from the bank,” the caption read.

Last, but not least, is 2002’s Paid in Full, which 50 Cent admits was “mishandled.”

“It should have been done a lot better,” he explained. “But [Cam’ron] was portraying Alpo who was a [rat] in this movie.”

All right 50 cent, we get your point. Some followers were confused as to why exactly the “Candy Shop” rapper was trying to do with all of these seemingly random movie reviews. Well, we are gladly here to explain it.

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Shifa Jahan

Shifa Jahan is a freelance writer from Bahrain currently pursuing her Masters degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, India. She is experienced in Copywriting, Academic Writing and loves to write about pop culture/ entertainment-news. Other interests include theatre, teaching, foreign languages and culture.

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