Travis Scott stood on stage at Astroworld, taking in the energy from the crowd. He paused to notice emergency medical teams trying desperately to rescue fans from the swelling crowd stampede that would eventually kill at least nine. Then, he defiantly asked the audience to throw their middle fingers in the air.

Scott, who has a history of promoting violence and rowdy behavior at his shows, has become trapped in what seems like a nesting doll of lawsuits. Eyewitnesses from the scene said that the rapper did nothing to stop the violent events of the evening. Now, Travis Scott’s attorney has told Good Morning America that Scott didn’t even realize the scope of the incident until the next day. TMZ shared footage of the interview.

Ed McPherson said there’s still a lot of investigating to do before people serve up blame for the tragic night. He says Scott had no idea what was going on in the crowd due to loud music blaring in his earpiece and blinding stage lights making it hard to see into the huge audience.

After the show was stopped, Travis Scott attended an after party at Dave & Busters. As hundreds of fans lay injured or dead, the rapper was playing ski-ball. McPherson says the public has it all wrong.

The attorney noted that there is a video out there of Scott stopping the show to get help for a fan who passed out. He says the incident with the ambulance and the middle fingers can be chalked up to Travis thinking it was a golf cart. Why Scott would instinctively react to a golf cart with 50,000 middle fingers remains a mystery.

When asked about the verbiage Travis Scott used when he incited the crowd to “rage,” McPherson said that’s simply his word for having a good time. The lawyer has a hard road ahead of him to prove that Scott was not liable for what happened. So far, his redemption tour isn’t going so well.

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