Amber Portwood is known for her role in Teen Mom OG. Given her identification with the role, it should come as no surprise that fans often judge her actions as a mother. Being under the scrutiny on social media is really tough, but when you have a Reddit thread on your name, it’s a whole another ballpark.

Portwood recently celebrated her daughter’s 13th birthday. As she took to Instagram to pen her daughter Leah a message, fans from Reddit began scrutinizing the image in great detail. The Teen Mom OG star posted a photo of herself with Leah and said:

My favorite picture of me and my beautiful girl! Now you are a smart and loving teenager and I’m so lucky to still have you in my life! I will always love you within every party of my soul! So much love and positive light to Leah my big girl now! Happy birthday beautiful angel.

Redditors examined the picture that Portwood posted on Instagram with this caption. Many suspect that it is an older picture because Leah looks a lot younger than 13. Others mocked Portwood by saying that this picture was her choice because she looks good in it.

Leah’s stepmother Kristina Anderson posted more pictures of Leah on her Instagram. However, fans noted that in any of those pictures, she was absent through and through. Fans mocked Portwood by calling her a narcissist and saying that she only cares about herself. They also praised Anderson for her involvement in Leah’s life, though seemingly.

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