Teen Mom 2 OG Leah Messer was known as a simple country girl and cheerleader. Over the years and many seasons that came with it fans have gotten a closer look at her personality. Recently people are probing in to find out what’s making her so messy.

The former cheer leader confessed that she struggled with an addiction to prescription pain pills in her memoir, “Hope, Grace, & Faith”. Recalling when she was in the throes of her addiction she told People Magazine that she felt like a Zombie. While talking to People, she opened up a bit.

“I felt kind of [like a] zombie. I don’t really even remember some of those times. I don’t remember anyone carrying me to bed. I don’t remember falling asleep with my legs crisscrossed. I thought I was making it. I was barely surviving.”

That being said, recently Leah started dating Jaylan Mobley. She has been quite open about her relationship on Instagram. Leah mentioned that Mobley gets along with her kids and she loves him very much. Fans think that all this seems too picture perfect.

A Reddit thread opened by a critical fan said, “Unpopular opinion: no one has their life together. We’re all just a lil less messy than we used to be,” They went on to write, “For one thing, Leah’s kids are older and can take care of themselves. She learned how to apply makeup and fix her hair. She hired a publicist, or someone similar to manage her. But we cannot be sure she is 100% sober. She’s jumping into relationships with both feet quickly still. She was just in a cult. Has she shown any real, actual growth? (Dating someone attractive does not count.)”

Many fans came to Leah’s defense and many did not. We think that we must not jump to conclusions. Leah has been a decent mom to her kids and we’re sure she’s trying her best to deal with addiction problems. Least we forget, it was the stigma and judgement against addiction is what stopped Leah from speaking up sooner.

“This is not an unpopular opinion, I totally agree. She’s not pill sober, she just hides it better,” a fan agreed.

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