T-Pain’s partnership deal with Twitch apparently didn’t generate enough revenue to keep his Rolls Royce. The singer’s prized Rolls Ghost has been repossessed. T-Pain himself posted video of his conversation with the two driver as his beloved car was taken from him.

The November 10 video shows the custom vehicle being loaded onto the truck as the driver explains that he’s just doing his job. He pulls the car onto the trailer as T-Pain looks on in sadness. He said he had the wrong people looking out for his finances in the caption for the Instagram clip.

“If you have somebody watching your money, make sure you have somebody watching THEM too. The good news is I’ve been here before and I know how to bounce back so f*ck it.

Y’all be careful out here man and watch your business like you watch your bitches. See y’all on the brighter side”

T has talked about his history of financial problems in the past. He said he blew around $40 million dollars on lifestyle and bad business expenditures. HipHopDx reported on the interview from 2019.

“That’s when I was running out of money. That’s when my accountant was like, ‘Dude, you just bought a Bugatti, you’re out of money.’ And I was like, ‘No I’m not. I got this house I wanna get. I got this other house for my assistants, for my runners and producers.’ So we bought a house after that and we just started going crazy with money, and I wasn’t paying attention to it. I thought if I didn’t have access to my own accounts then I wouldn’t have to look at it. So you know what I’m saying? It was bad business choices.”

T-Pain hopes the post serves as a warning to keep an eye on your finances. While most of us struggle from time to time, losing your $300,000 car is pretty shocking. Hopefully he finds somebody who knows what they’re doing with his money.

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Michael Perry

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