Soulja Boy has become synonymous with beefing in the rap world. While rappers such as Kodak Black and Tekashi 6ix9ine are known as the villains in the rap game, Soulja Boy is slowly making his place up there. After his beef with Kanye West over his missing DONDA featurette, it seems he has lot more business in the online-beef department.

Young Dolph recently flexed his muscles by saying that he makes about $100,000 per every show he does. That’s lot of money, and certainly puts him up there in the list of high-end rappers. However, Soulja Boy felt like the rapper was lying, and took a dig at him.

Soulja Boy said that he is the only real indie rapper, which incited a response from Key Glock. Now that the conditions for starting a full-fledged beef were met, Boy took to Instagram Live to really kick the beef off. He said to Young Dolph:

Man, Young Dolph, if you don’t get your bitch ass artist out my muthafucking DM n-gga, fuck you talking about n-gga? N-gga thought he was bulletproof until he got shot like Dolph n-gga. Ain’t you the n-gga that got shot at 100 times that got popped and shot at all the time n-gga.


Big Draco then added: “Y’all bitch ass n-ggas better get out of my DMs, fuck Paper Route, fuck Key Glock fuck Young Dolph, fuck all y’all n-ggas.” While one would think that this is the point of passing the ball to the other side, Soulja Boy DM’d asking Key Glock what he thought about the situation. The answer was “Nothing!! I’m scared..

Soulja Boy recently squashed his beef with Kanye West. The development came after the rapper explained why Soulja Boy was left off the album. However, it took Kanye quite some time and in the meantime, Boy had done a lot of damage by criticizing everything from the rapper’s life.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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