Nicki Minaj & her husband have been going through a lot of defaming as the accusation of rape against her husband is still out there. Kenneth Petty, who is Minaj’s husband, was accused by Jennifer Hough of forcing her to have sex in the Bronx.

The lawsuit came in 1994, and Petty served four years in prison due to it. Now Hough returned with another lawsuit against the couple, accusing them of trying to intimidate her into withdrawing her testimony ahead of the trial. Minaj’s lawyer has come up with a retort to Hough and her lawyers claims.

Minaj’s lawyer is threatening Hough and her lawyer Tyrone A. Blackburn with demands for a court sanction against them. He claims that the lawsuit the pair has made against his party is full of lies. A legal sanction is imposed on a legal practitioner and the represented if they fail to follow the standard legal procedure or abuse the legal system in any way.

Judd Burstein, Minaj’s lawyer, sent papers to Blackburn. He stated that he may be forced to demand the court of imposing sanctions on Blackburn and Hough due to the grave nature of fallaciousness in their lawsuit.

This case is a disgrace, filed by a lawyer who, in pursuit of some cheap publicity, rushed to file [papers] asserting outlandishly false allegations against [Minaj] which have absolutely no support in the law. [Minaj] has been sued by [Hough] for the ‘crime’ of being a rich celebrity — capable of paying a judgment — who fell in love with and married Mr. Petty.

Blackburn, however, denies all the accusations made against him by Burstein. He said that it’s a “tasteless tactic” on Burstein’s part to make everyone miss the point of the lawsuit against the accused. Burstein has backed off from commenting further on the situation.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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