Lisa Rinna revealed that her mom Lois Rinna has suffered yet another stroke The 93-year-old’s prognosis is not looking positive. Lisa mentioned that Lois is “transitioning”.

RHOBH fans love Lois Rinna. The jovial lady made several unforgettable appearances on the show. In Lisa Rinna and family’s social media Lois can always be seen dancing and having fun. This sad news is sure to upset “Housewives” fans all over the globe

Lisa Rinna took to her Instagram to share an update on her mom’s health with her fans. She posted a adorable video of Lois dancing to Justin Bieber’s remix of Despacito.

“I know how much you appreciate and LOVE Lois so I need to tell you that she has had a stroke, I am with her now, So [let’s] celebrate her and send her so much love while she transitions. I was so conflicted to share this very very sad news with you, but I know you would want to know,”

Back in May 2019, Lisa revealed that her mom had suffered a stroke in 2013. Lois had to learn how to walk and talk again after months of rehabilitation Lisa mentioned in her tweet “She is not the same as she once was but she has overcome so much. We are blessed and so grateful,”

Lois and Lisa are very close. Lois has always been there for her family through thick and thin. As she says she felt quite “conflicted”. We can’t imagine how hard it was for Lisa Rinna to share this very sad news with everyone.

We hope that Lois Rinna recovers from the stroke. We hope is surrounded by loved ones at the present time. Our thought and prayers are with the Rinna-Hamlin family.

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