Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley had two robbers break in to her house on the night of October 27. According to LAPD, three suspects escaped with expensive handbags, jewelry and watches worth almost 1 million dollars wrapped in bedding.

Kemsley spoke out to the media and LAPD saying she had to beg for her life and the safety of her two children. The kids were asleep in their rooms but Kemsley said she was held at gun point. Some fans in Real Housewives sub-reddit however are not buying the story.

Upon scrutiny of the video footage released by the LAPD, Fans have come to the conclusion that robbers appear “too casual”. Yeah this is a very casual approach to armed robbery, isn’t it? a fan noted.

“There was absolutely zero sense of urgency and they appeared to not be the least bit concerned about being caught or shot. They knew the camera angles so their car was never seen too. Everything was way too casual for it to not have been a set up,” another fan observed.

Other fans have theorized that this is a part of the pre-planned story-line for Dorit Kemsley in RHOBH. This SCREAMS setup. And wouldn’t you know it – Dorit has a storyline for this season when her head was on the chopping block just weeks ago,” a viewer suggested. Others are hinting at a publicity stunt. “Her being out everyday since it happened is so suspicious as well,” a fourth comment read.

Dorit is understandably shaken in the wake of the incident, and said that she is just “trying to put one foot in front of the other.” Kemsley spoke out on Instagram a few days after the break-in, posting a message thanking everyone who reached out to her and writing in the photo caption, “More than anything, I’m feeling blessed that my kids and family are safe. Truly grateful for the messages of love and support from you all who have reached out.”.

Dorit Kemsley has been talking about her experience openly has garnered an increase in popularity ever since. The LAPD also released a sketch of one of the suspects. The suspects are on the run and no arrests have been made relating to the incident. We hope that the perpetrators get caught and wish Kemsley a safer, prosperous future.

Shifa Jahan

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