Hailie Jade Mathers has become a fashion influencer rivaled by very few. Through her over 2 million Instagram followers, the daughter of legendary rapper Eminem has been forging her own path. It seems like every time she posts a picture, fans go absolutely wild with their reactions.

With the changing season comes new Fall looks. That includes Hailie Jade. She recently posted one of her new fall styles, complete with a note to the Michigan weather about remaining nice. The Detroit native is used to the cold but was enjoying the recent warm weather.

“dear michigan weather, feel free to stay 55 degrees & sunny all season. kthanksbye”

In the post, Hailie is sporting black sunglasses and a black leather purse to accessorize her all-white combo of a corset top and miniskirt. The look was rounded off with a pair of beige knee-high boots. The pic has received nearly 90,000 likes from fans.

Hailie Mathers became a phenomenon on Instagram after fans noticed her keen fashion sense. She’s always trying something new. Hailie’s fashion forward approach has allowed her to have a career independent from her father’s massive shadow.

Hailie and Shady share a strong father-daughter bond. The rapper has admitted that he regrets including her in his past lyrics when he rapped about the broken relationship between himself and Hailie’s mother. While Hailie Jade rocks hot new fall looks, her dad is preparing to perform at the Super Bowl.

What do you think of Hailie Jade’s outfit? Let us know in the comments!

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