Dwayne Johnson has recently also thrown his hat into the musical realm of entertainment. He practically broke the internet when news broke that he had rapped in a song recorded by Tech N9ne entitled “Face Off.” And no, it isn’t anything like Vin Diesel’s attempt from last summer… It was actually good and is getting the respect of many in the industry.

In a shocking reveal, however, Dwayne Johnson claims that it almost didn’t even happen at all. It took a little bit of convincing on his part, because at the start of it all, Tech N9ne only wanted the superstar to do a spoken word promo at the end – very reminiscent of his days in pro wrestling.

“(Tech N9ne) said, ‘I’d love for you to come in on the end and just do spoken word.’ I said, ‘In what way?’ He goes, ‘I don’t know. Maybe like a Rock promo, like if you were in WWE.’ And I said, ‘OK, cool. Let me hear it.’ I called (Tech) and I said, ‘Look, brother, I have an idea. This might be a great idea or f****** trash.’ He goes, ‘What is it?’

I said, ‘I want to try and rap this. Let me really try and attack some bars for you.’ He goes, ‘You want to do that?’ I said, ‘I would love to do that because if I just do a Rock promo at the end, I honestly feel like I’m not doing you and the boys the proper service. I really want to come in and help elevate in any way I can.’

The fact that it went to number one on iTunes, number one on TikTok and YouTube; that’s such a blessing and it was so cool. I love all the heat that it’s getting, especially that verse, ‘It’s about drive, it’s about power / we stay hungry, we devour’—it’s good, man.”

In the end, his creativity certainly paid off bigtime. The song’s success speaks for itself, really, but it wasn’t The Rock’s first foray into the recording studio, as his long-time fans hold the song, “Pie” – his first hit – to a high standard.

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