Dwayne Johnson has been a long-time collaborator of Microsoft. In a recent collaboration video, the actor has claimed that he has never lost a game while playing on an Xbox console.

The collaboration video , posted to Twitter, is a celebration of Xbox’s 20-year anniversary. In the video, Johnson discusses his long history with Xbox consoles.

In the video, Johnson does claim that he has never once lost a game on Xbox in his life. However, his little wink leads us to believe that he is simply talking big, as any gamer would do while discussing their skills.

Johnson’s relationship with Xbox is a special one, with Xbox also including a shoutout to the actor in “Halo Infinite,” in the form of an emblem that features Master Chief dressed as the Rock.

It seems that there is another Dwayne Johnson and Xbox team-up on the horizon, as Johnson asked fans to tune in for a special anniversary video on the 15ht of November. Check out Xbox’s video featuring Johnson below.

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