Jake Paul is known for the hype he builds for each of his matches. Putting no limits to his trash talk, He has called-out A-listers in the world of combat sports like Connor McGregor, Canelo Alvarez, and several stars. Paul is scheduled to fight boxer Tommy Fury in December 2021, in his fifth professional fight.

The Disney actor turned boxer also possesses a face that many people would like to punch, including his own friends. ‘The Problem Child’ believes he is actually using Tyson Fury’s image to promote the fight against his half brother Tommy Fury. Tyson Fury previously said that he asked Tommy Fury to change his last name if he loses fight with Jake Paul.

When Paul came to know of Tyson Fury training Tommy Fury recently. He took to his Instagram story and announced that he will have boxing sensation Hasbulla. As always, Paul never fails to mock his opponents.

Paul connected with Seconds Out where he mentioned how he is benefiting from ‘The Gypsy King’.

“I am using Tyson Fury to promote this fight. That’s the secret behind all of this. Like he is getting involved, he is using his platform. He is retweeting it, he is posting it. He is going to be asked about it in interviews he is selling the fight for me. You know, Tommy Fury is just like a pawn on the chessboard and I am taking him out December 18.”

Jake Paul is indeed benefitting from the audience Tyson Fury has. Not that Jake himself lacks an audience as his fights are quite popular. He is enjoying the variety of fans being pulled in and the hype surrounding a legend like Tyson Fury being involved in the fight and actively rooting against Jake.

Tommy Fury has earlier mentioned that he will end Jake Paul’s boxing career. The fight is scheduled to be held December 19.

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