Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. Due to this, he was removed from last Sunday’s game with the Kansas City Chiefs. It was said that he was unvaccinated.

It was also said that Aaron Rodgers misled everyone including the NFL regarding his vaccination status. Aaron Rodgers appeared in preseason photos standing on the sideline in street clothes without a mask. Due to this, he could be facing harsh punishment as well.

As previously reported, actress Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have been engaged for quite a while now. The two started dating last year and it seems Woodley will support Rodgers no matter what.

According to Hollywood Life, Shailene Woodley is fully supporting Aaron Rodgers despite him lying about his COVID-19 vaccination status. It was also said that the controversy has not affected their relationship whatsoever.

“Whatever side of the spectrum you are on when it comes to Aaron and his anti vax stance and how he is seeking other means of immunization as he calls it, the one person that has his back is his fiancé who has been known to have her own unique ways of seeking health alternatives.

Some friends thought that Shailene would be horrified over the drama and even be mad at him, but she is not listening to the online chatter, and she is avoiding getting mixed up with everyone that is against them and Aaron’s stances on it all. As of right now it is causing zero strain in their relationship as she has decided to put her full support towards the man she loves.”

Aaron Rodgers could also face suspension for lying about his vaccination status. It was also said that Aaron Rodgers is furious that his vaccination status is now known to the public. We will have to wait and see if he will be suspended or not.

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