Kyrie Irving has been taking up the world of NBA by storm. The basketball player has been taking his sweet time in getting himself vaccinated. He is not going to be playing in any NBA matches any time soon, but it seems that he will show his chops in the court soon.

Irving has been gaining support from celebrities on his anti-vaccine stance such as Chris Brown and Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather himself. However, he has been getting his fair share of criticism as well. The likes of Chris Rock and Howard Stern. As he has not been cleared to play, the Nets were even taking calls about his position.

Kevin Durant has been trying his best to fill the shoes of the point guard, but it’s just not enough. With his absence in this season, Irving is probable to play a game next year. The New York Post reports that the star will be able to play in the All-Star Game in Cleveland.

Brian Lewis from the NY Post stated that the eligibility of Irving is not going to be an issue for the upcoming game. According to Lewis, all players will find a place in the ballot. With the number one point guard being a potentially favored player, his chances to be in the game are real.

When the NBA updated its All-Star voting process, all players on the rosters were put on the ballot. Both league and team sources indicated that because Irving is still on the Nets’ official roster — sent home but not suspended — he won’t be an exception, despite not having played a second for the Nets this season.

Irving isn’t 100% finalized to be in the game. The performance of other members from the Nets and the NBA in general will determine how good a prospect the player looks at the time of choosing. If he gets on the team, the All-Star Game will be a great booster for him as well.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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