Soulja Boy was not happy when he found out he was being left off of Kanye West’s Donda record. He felt disrespected and misled. Now, Ye has explained the exact reason that Soulja Boy was not included in the final cut.

The song “Remote Control” was supposed to feature a verse from Soulja Boy. Instead, Kanye chose to remove it. That led Soulja Boy into a series of tirades where he berated Kanye. For Ye to tell it, the story was very simple. His explanation came on the Drink Champs podcast.

Kanye told host N.O.R.E. that the verse wasn’t any good. It was as simple as that. He didn’t think it was fit to be on the record, and it was his album, so Kanye didn’t include the song.

Soulja Boy clapped back by sharing his verse on Instagram. The reaction was mixed. There were over 7,000 comments. They ranged from extremely positive to extremely negative. There’s no real consensus on whether it’s a good verse or not.

Unfortunately for Soulja Boy, none of that matters. All that did matter was the opinion of Kanye West. He thought the verse was not any good, and he said so very frankly. Soulja Boy can complain forever, but Kanye made the final choice on his own.

Soulja Boy has been spending his free time bragging about being rich and making fun of us poor people. Kanye West, meanwhile, is looking forward to winning a Grammy Award. The real winners are the fans.

Do you think Soulja Boy’s verse should’ve been on Donda? Let us know in the comments!

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