Zayn Malik‘s domestic altercation with the mother of ex Gigi Hadid all started because of Yolanda Hadid’s unwelcome intrusion. TMZ spoke to sources with direct knowledge of the incident, and now we are getting Zayn’s side. It sounds like the singer felt that his family’s privacy was being invaded.

Zayn was staying at Gigi’s home on September 29 so that he could be closer to the couple’s daughter, Khai. Yolanda showed up that day and marched straight into the house. She didn’t give so much as a call or a knock on the door.

Malik believed Yolanda was not respecting his position as the father of the couple’s child. It is said that Yolanda was simply acting like she was the head of the household, even though she didn’t live there. Zayn let Yolanda know how he felt when she entered the house, and it escalated from there.

Zayn is said to keep strange hours, working on his music at night and sleeping throughout the day. This routine was disrupted by Yolanda’s frequent interruptions, and Zayn finally had enough. He was also unhappy that she was posting pictures of the baby, considering it a violation of the family’s privacy.

The incident resulted in Zayn being charged with four counts of harassment. Additionally, charges were filed alleging that he harassed Gigi as well. Gigi was in Paris at the time of the dispute.

The former One Direction star plead no contest to the charges. He paid a small fine and was ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid broke up shortly after news of the incident broke.

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Michael Perry

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