Chris Rock who recently recovered from COVID-19 has always urged people to get their COVID-19 vaccines and follow Covid rules and mandates. There has been a lot of talk recently surrounding sports and vaccine mandates amid Aaron Rodger’s vaccination status and subsequent rule-out.

Chris Rock quite candidly and comedically bashed Anti-Vaxxers Wednesday night in Brooklyn and included Kyrie Irving in his diss who plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Chris was just a few miles away from Barclays Center, where Kyrie will NOT be playing this season. As New York City a vaccine mandate states that players must be vaccinated to play.

The Comedian exclaimed that he hasn’t been in any shows since Covid and seemed quite happy to be there. Hehyped up the crowd by calling out anti-vaxxers. He eased into it with a joke about wearing face masks at concerts, and then simply asked, “Where’s my anti-vaxxers at?”

Oddly, the question actually drew some cheers and then Rock hit ’em with … “You dumb, Kyrie motherf******!!!”

Chris Rock also amusingly dubbed the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as “the food stamps of vaccines” Check out the video below to get a laugh:

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Shifa Jahan

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