Britney Spears’ problems with her parents continue. Lynne Spears, Brit’s mom, filed a court petition on Monday requesting that her daughter’s estate pay her attorney fees in the ongoing battle over Britney’s conservatorship. Lynne says she’s tallied up $660,000 in attorney fees and believes that Britney Spears is liable for the bill.

Legal paperwork obtained by Page Six spells out the reasons for the demand. Spears filed the paperwork as a “concerned mother.” Lynne Spears’ legal team went into further detail about the motivations for the filing.

“[The filing shows] a very disturbing story of her daughter’s life and the unreasonable restrictions under which [Britney] suffered, including some as serious as being involuntarily moved from her home, not being allowed to travel to Louisiana for a Spears family Christmas and what Lynne pronounced as an extended stay in a medical facility against Britney’s will.”

In June, Britney Spears shared the details of the horrible conditions of her conservatorship in a court appearance. Lynn’s lawyers say that the legal fees were intended to help Britney escape a bad situation. Since they were paid on her behalf, she believes Britney owes her.

The filing claims that Lynne Spears was the first to notice and act against the unfair conditions. It’s ironic that she’s taking credit for trying to help the situation, but now is asking for compensation for her good deed. Lynne says Britney agreed to her help and therefore is liable.

Meanwhile, the Toxic singer will continue to pick up the pieces and get back to a normal life post-conservatorship. She’s looking forward to buying a house, having children, and getting married. Britney also says she’s not ready to jump into anything too quickly.

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Michael Perry

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