It seems that even legends have their own legends to look up to. One example in rap icon Eminem, who recently shared that he considers himself a “Stan” of LL Cool J.

Em got a chance to rock the mic with LL Cool J at the 2021 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, an experience that was a dream come true for the Detroit rapper who is a legend himself. The two first met years prior when Eminem had already reached that legendary status. Shady just completed Relapse and Cool J had a private listening party with Marshall Mathers.

The rapper spoke to KXNG Crooked at his Crook’s Corner. In the conversation, Eminem shared the story of the time he met L, and was left completely star-struck and tongue-tied.

Ever, never in the history of my life. I could never imagine. For me, what’s crazier about it, to me is being able to meet my childhood idols. Being able to sit down with LL Cool J, right? One of my favorite rappers of all time, ever. When I made the “Relapse” album, he sat in the car, in the truck, and we drove around, and he listened to the whole album. And I was sitting there thinking to myself, “I don’t even know what to say, ’cause I don’t want to play myself”. But before we got out of the truck, I was like, “Yo, man, I just want to say what you mean to me, man”, and I was trying to not make it come off sappy, but I was like, “Yo, man, I’m a stan of you”, you know what I’m saying? But just to sit there and be like, “All right, 15, 16-year-old Marshall, thinking that that could actually happen one day? That I’m gonna be sitting in the car, LL’s gonna be sitting around in the car with me, and he’s listening to my album”. F**k out of here!

Eminem also said that he has made his 16 year-old self proud, in reference to his 2021 performance, in which he shared the stage with his teenage idol, LL Cool J.

It is certainly heartwarming to see such a human moment from someone who is considered a legend by millions around the globe. Check out the following clip of the interview.

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