Casey Abrams who finished sixth place in the tenth season of American Idol, started GoFundMe after his car and bass were robbed.

Abrams shared the news with his followers on Instagram on October 31. He wrote that the thief “stole 3 instruments, one of which was my upright bass I got when I was 14.” He explained that the stolen bass was the same one he played while a contestant on “American Idol.”

Abrams told his fans how he badly needed a new bass for his career and encouraged them to donate to a GoFundMe page he had personally set up.

“This bass cost $4,500 with the case, stand, pickup, tuner and bow. I’m asking $5,000 for the taxes I’ll have to pay. I’d love to have this by Nov 9th as that is when I’m headed to a memorial service in Vegas and then to go play for my 103 year old Grammy in her new place,” Abrams wrote.

As of this writing, $12,885 has been donated to the GoFundMe page. Abrams has surpassed his $5,000 fundraising goal by a wide margin. The Cali native returned to Instagram to thank everyone who had donated in a new video.

We wish Casey a bright future ahead. Keep playing Casey!

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Shifa Jahan

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