It was in 1995 that Jennifer Lopez would star in a film with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson by the name of Money Train. It is an action/comedy with a tad of sexual tension running through the narrative, and at the center of it was the on-screen relationship between the characters played by Snipes and Lopez.

Lopez talked in depth with Movieline about just how far Snipes went in terms of making the love scenes look real, and just how uncomfortable it made her feel at the time. She also went into how she felt unable to speak her mind, as she was still new on the Hollywood scene.

“When you first start working professionally, you push the boundaries of what you should and shouldn’t do, and I didn’t think I had the right to say no, like, ‘No, I’m not doing this, and that’s it…’ So we did it and it was tough,” she explained. “Wesley was wonderful about it in the sense that he was like, ‘What’s gonna make you more comfortable?’ and I was like, ‘Bring music, play it loud.’

Wesley–even though I had a boyfriend at the time–went full court press. He was flirting with me–you always flirt with your costars, it’s harmless–then he just started getting a little more serious. He would invite us all out together and then at the end of the night, he’d drop me off last and try to kiss me. I’d be like, ‘Wesley, please, I’m not interested in you like that.’ He got really upset about it.”

Snipes, who has had allegations thrown at him before, specifically by adult film actress Jenna Jameson in the past, would respond, essentially stating that it wasn’t meant in any aggressive way. He was merely trying to help her get the message across during the scene…with as much conviction as possible it would seem.

“What happened was, she had never done a love scene before. She was absolutely terrified. I was given instructions from the director to make her feel good. That was my job.

I knew people would look at the screen and say either, ‘They have chemistry,’ or, ‘They don’t.’ I told her, if she took my advice we’d do a wonderful, erotic scene. And if it wasn’t a good love scene, they’d edit around her and throw it on the floor.”

In the film, characters, foster brothers John (Snipes) and Charlie Robinson (Harrelson) are transit policemen – one a straight arrow, one willing to swerve in the other direction for personal gain. They find themselves smack dab in the middle of a hauling subway revenue conspiracy. They need to work together to stop the burglars, all the while getting a little help from a local beat cop, played by Lopez.

Domenic Marinelli

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