Jay-Z has had a busy few days, On Friday, he spent a whole day testifying or rather, warding off Anthony Viola’s questions in court. On Saturday night he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by both President Barack Obama and Dave Chappelle.

The suit was filed by Parlux in 2016. The company said Hova earned $2 million in royalties but Parlux lost $18 million in the collaboration. They stated that Jay-Z failed to make several promised public appearances to promote the fragrances.

Anthony Viola and Jay-Z, could not agree on a single issue. The Rapper accused Parlux’s attorney of “playing lawyer tricks” and “word games” multiple times.

In typical Jay-Z fashion, he even warned the Judge to beware of Viola’s conniving tactics. This turned the Judge into an arbitrator of sorts, translating Viola’s questions and presenting them to Jay-Z in hopes that he could get him to budge.

Jigga continued rebuffing the queries according to Rolling Stone. Which led Viola to quote from the rapper’s 2019 deposition.  

“You gave an answer to me under oath two years ago and you’re changing your testimony today,” the lawyer argued

“You want the facts or you want to talk about the deposition?” Jay-Z contested Viola Clapped back with, “The facts are the deposition,”

“I’m not gonna argue with you anymore. The facts are the facts. You’re the one who’s changing your testimony, and I’m entitled to tell the jury [that].” 

“We’re gonna be here all day,” the rapper pretested.

Jay-Z and his lawyer had a valid explanation with regard to his business prowess they went on to explain how much time and energy it takes to prepare for tours which might have kept him from promoting his perfume. The rapper’s lawyer even compared tour prep to Lebron James getting ready for the NBA finals.

Who’s in the wrong – Jay Z or Parlux? Let us know in the comments!

Shifa Jahan

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