Flipp Dinero raised the bar on rapper hat tricks during his performance at the Rolling Loud NYC concert this past Friday.

Bobby Shmurda is known for performing his signature hat trick in the “Hot N***a” music video from a few years back, but Dinero performed a real hat trick with full-on wizardry at Rolling Loud as he attempted to toss his White Sox fitted cap into the crowd of rabid fans. Thanks to the gusting winds of NYC, the cap flew right back to Dinero.

The Canarsie popped the crowd with the boomerang trick, making it seem like this was his plan all along as he caught the cap and tossed it right back to the crowd again. This was how Dinero kicked off his Rolling Loud set.

Dinero posted the clip to Instagram and commented, “@rollingloud I REALLY RUN IT UP!! NO CAP [smoke emoji] [cap emoji] [laughing emoji] NEW YORK WE OUTSIDE [fire emoji x 2] [Statue of Liberty emoji]” You can see the footage below.

One Twitter user picked up on the Shmurda comparison and remarked, “Flipp Dinero did Bobby Shmurda’s hat trick before Bobby Shurmda did Bobby Shmurda’s hat trick”

Dinero’s last album, Love For Guala, was released in 2019. He has been somewhat quiet in 2021 with his last single, Play My Part, being released this past August.

What have you thought of the Rolling Loud NYC performances? Did you attend? Who was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

Marc Middleton

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