John Cena has been an idol to many kids growing up. The WWE superstar turned Actor is praised for his wholesome and kind personality world wide.

Headlock Comics Creator Michael Kingston joined Nick Hausman from The Wrestling Inc. Daily to share insights on Cena’s interactions with fans at Comic Cons and his overall personality.

Kingston recalled meeting John Cena and how unique of an experience it was. He has interacted with many wrestling personalities over 10 years of his career. Kingston noted that some pro wrestlers have been “d*cks” but John Cena has been nothing but a gem of a person to one and all.

“He’s got such a way about him when he talks to people. He makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room,” Kingston described. “It’s a very interesting level of charisma, and I’ve watched him interact with other people and stuff and he’s always been exceedingly nice.”

Every once in a while, somebody’s kind of a d*ck, but for the most part, everybody’s been really good, but John Cena is on some other level. He could hate your guts, but I don’t think you’d ever know. He’s just just so exceedingly nice. Just the way that he talks to people, it’s an impressive skill that not a lot of people have.”

Kingston also discussed the transitions of John Cena, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Dave Bautista from pro wresting to acting. Citing how the other two have been signed by Disney on Big Projects with iconic roles, something that Cena has yet to experience.

Kingston then noted that John Cena has been a kid’s favorite for many years and a natural trajectory should point at better acting roles in Disney shows and movies. Cena Recently made his mark playing “Peacemaker” in Suicide Squad and is set to appear on an upcoming comedy-action film Freelance.

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