Saweetie is summoning her inner feline spirit this Halloween with a super sexy costume approved by former Catwoman Halle Berry herself. Showing up as a cat for halloween is a pretty basic costume idea but Saweetie is out to distinguish herself by winning the endorsement of DC Twitter fanbase.

Zoe Kravitz is going to replace Anne Hathaway in the new Batman (2022) movie. Hathaway has deemed Kravitz “a perfect choice” for the role.

The 23-second video clip was posted by both Halle Berry and Saweetie. It shows the rapper wearing a replica of Berry’s Catwoman costume from the badly reviewed 2004 movie “Catwoman” which is usually made fun of on the internet. Saweetie lip-syncs to Berry’s oft-quoted lines from the film, 

“You see, sometimes I’m good. Oh, I’m very good. But sometimes I’m bad — but only as bad as I wanna be.”

As the pair meet stealthy on a rooftop, Berry walks in and asks,
“What the hell is going on here?” Saweetie sweetly responds: “I’m just trying to get out here and get these coins.” After an “intense staredown,” Berry relents: “I know dat’s right.”

Berry shared the video on her own socials with the caption “There’s enough room for more than one Catwoman,” while Saweetie captioned her post “had to put on for the best Catwoman to ever do it.”

Needless to say, tons of tweets came out after massive collaboration video. Fans couldn’t get enough of this Catwoman meets Catwoman situation.

Who do you think is the perfect Catwoman? Saweetie or Kravitz?
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Shifa Jahan

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