Ed Sheeran welcomed a baby girl last August (last year), and he himself was rather inspired to get into shape by the experience of becoming a father, and by watching his wife, Cherry Seaborn, going through the motions of becoming a mother.

He apparently found the experience of losing weight and getting into shape so great, that he wanted the same for his parents, he even paying for their personal trainers…and all so that they could play with his new baby girl, Lyra.

“My parents have never, ever exercised and I told them they were going to be grandparents. I started using a personal trainer and they were like, ‘We’re doing nothing either,’ so I got my guy to do them on Zoom as well. Now, my dad’s back is fixed and my mum can pick up Lyra properly. It’s great.”

He had in fact lost quite a wee bit of weight and he feels wonderful for doing it, thus his enthusiasm for his parents to live a much healthier lifestyle.

“There are so many benefits mentally as well. I’m quite a sluggish person in the day if I’ve just been eating junk food and drinking the night before, but you get up and you reinvigorate yourself. I always saw exercise as this horrible thing you had to do, because I saw exercise as running. Outside right now it’s p***ing it down with rain, it’s freezing, it’s pitch black. I don’t want to run at this time.

A guy in Cherry’s year is a personal trainer and we bumped into him in the supermarket. When Cherry got pregnant she was very keen to keep fit, so this guy would come round to do weight training with us, then the pandemic happened so it was Zoom. We were just like, ‘Let’s do it every day. Let’s get up every day and do an hour of weight training, and then squats or farmer’s walks. Just weight based.”

He has kept up with his own routine and states that it has done wonders for him and he feels great, according to a piece at mirror.co.uk. It should also benefit him on-stage as well. He’ll need it once he gets to touring his new album =(album), which was released today, October 29th, 2021.

Domenic Marinelli

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