Mariah Carey struck against her mother, placing her in an assisted living facility and selling her upstate New York home. This is the latest move by the singer following her defamation lawsuit against her mother.

The 52-year-old singer purchased the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home for her 84-year-old mother, Patricia, in 1994 for $419,000. Earlier this month she listed the property and sold it in just three weeks, getting $757,444, which was $250,000 over the asking price, Dirt reports.

All is not bad, as the facility will ensure that Patricia is well taken care of. Mariah probably strategically picked it out, as it is located pretty far away from the singer, a source told The Sun.

“She’s moving to a nice five-star assisted living residence, where nurses will wait on her hand and foot, but it’s still a million miles from anyone.” 

Mariah and her mom have had a troubled relationship since 2001, when Patricia called the police while Mariah was struggling with mental health issues. Mariah would later be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“Mariah hates having her at any of her concerts, as she’d point out any imperfection, and criticize her for it.

Rent at the assisted living facility starts at $5,400/month and includes breakfast and dinner for its residents at the facility. Also included are fitness classes, an indoor and outdoor pool, transportation and weekly housekeeping.

Our best goes out to Mariah Carey and her mother as they deal with this big life change.

With her mom in assisted living, what do you think Mariah Carey’s next career move will be? Tell us below in the comments!

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