The Buzz Lightyear origin story, Lightyear, is set to drop in 2022, and while the familiar face, albeit slightly younger looking, the catchphrase, and the ‘save the universe at all costs’ implications are all present, there is one thing missing from the original incarnations of the character: Tim Allen’s voice.

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, has replaced Tim Allen, who voiced the title character since its inception in the very first Toy Story film, released in 1995, and although Evans is very proud and excited for the film’s release, it has given rise to some controversies regarding the glaring questions being posed of the recasting.

Said controversies have arisen due to the fact that the recasting seems very unnecessary to most. As TMZ declared, Chris Evans’ voice isn’t even heard very much in the trailer for the film, and when it is, it barely sounds like the actor.

It’s clear that some sort of alteration was made to the voice, as it seems right now, judging by the single word that’s heard in the trailer. This is specifically what has caused many to wonder if the recasting wasn’t made specifically because of Tim Allen’s outspoken political views. Essentially, they could have simply gone with Allen again.

As was seen with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, the company has undoubtedly fed into the oversensitive portion of society’s newfound mores, deciding to steer clear of stars that are painted negatively for whatever reason, or in Allen’s case, for their highly conservative political views, especially in this post Trump era.

“Chris Evans voicing Buzz Lightyear instead of Tim Allen is an upgrade. Sorry, not sorry,” says one Twitter user, @tokkanram.

Disney still stuck to their guns about the aforementioned Depp, despite the fact that many facts came to light in his defense. There’s nowhere to go about political views, as many on social media suggested, the general consensus being, once a conservative, always a conservative. Seems like Disney agrees.

Domenic Marinelli

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